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Base Fee $3.50
Cost Per Mile $2.75
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Per Hour $32.00

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San Juan Capistrano Travel Guide


San Juan Capistrano is a Spanish themed city built around the Mission of San Juan Capistrano. San Juan Capistrano was famous for the annual Swallow migration at the mission, but since 2009 the Swallows have failed to return to the city. This city has old Spanish themed architecture and is just inland from the beach.


Popular Destinations:

Mission San Juan Capistrano

The Mission is what San Juan Capistrano was built around. It is an amazing piece of history that includes many artifacts, old buildings and well maintained gardens.


Zoomars Petting Zoo

This petting zoo is a small and quaint petting zoo, but it is fun for the kids. When you arrive you can get a small basket of vegetables to feed the animals and there are animals of all sizes.


Ronald. W. Caspers Wilderness Park

The wilderness park offers some of best camping around. There are a lot of hiking trails and nice views and natural creek. Interestingly, there are no pets allowed here except for horses, so don’t bring your dogs here.

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