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Base Fee $3.50
Cost Per Mile $2.75
Only if in traffic or cab waiting:
Per Hour $32.00

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Laguna Hills Travel Guide


Laguna Hills is located just inland of Laguna Beach. Laguna Hills is a “newer” city compared to its sister, Laguna Beach. Laguna Hills is a residential city known for its nice homes, well kept parks and mall.


Popular Destinations:

Laguna Hills Mall

Laguna Hills Mall is the local mall of the city. The mall is a small indoor mall that has large retail stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom Rack.


Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park is a must visit for the little ones to play. The park is modeled to look like it is out of the Flintstones. There are dinosaur structures and even a Flintstones themes car to play on.


Big Air Trampoline

Big Air Trampoline Park is another great place to visit when you are in town. All ages are welcome to have fun and bounce around the trampoline rooms. The park even has a large foam pit.


1000 Steps Beach

1000 Steps Beach is not named so because it has exactly 1000 steps leading to the beach, but it does have a lot. This beach has gained popularity from its natural salt water tide pools that are deep enough to swim in during low tide.


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